Newcastle vs Liverpool 0-6 Video Highlights EPL 2013

In the English Premier League matches to be played on Saturday we have some big games but none bigger that the one between two under achieving sides in Premier League, Newcastle United vs Liverpool is game which always produce some quality football for both teams fans and neutrals alike. In the Premier League history from 1992 both of these teams have under achieved massively, they have the money, the fan base but they just can not fight at the top of the table and usually comes up with a good season and choke with a disaster next season, in this case Newcastle fall perfectly.

Newcastle Untied had a season for forget, after playing so well in the last season which also earner their manager Alan Pardew 8 years deal extension to stay at Newcastle. this season however everything fell apart, instead of taking a step forward after a great season where they almost finished in the top 4 they are fighting relegation this season. With 37 points in 34 games from a team like Newcastle who have spend enough money in the Summer and than in the January window it is unacceptable.

Liverpool on the other hand, have been in the transition period for last couple of years, this year they appointed new manager in Brendan Rodgers who have brough in some good young players but they need to spend and spend big to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City who are class above at the moment. If you look at the table in the last 2-3 seasons you can find that there are 4 classes of Premier league teams, first one is of course United, city and Chelsea who you expect to win the title, while 2nd is Arsenal, Spurs who are happy with the top 4 finish and than comes 3rd which changes every year but Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle United can fit in there perfectly and than of course the mid tablers and relegation bound teams. Right now Liverpool have to get into the class 2 and try to finish the season as high as they can and than build on it next season.

Newcastle United vs Liverpool Highlights Download Video

We will be placing the full match downloadable video here, links to the download will be available 3 to 5 hours after the match so please visit us after the game.

Newcastle United 0-6 Liverpool Highlights

[ Match Results and Highlights ]
03' [0 - 1] D. Agger
17' [0 - 2] J. Henderson
54' [0 - 3] D. Sturridge
60' [0 - 4] D. Sturridge
74' [0 - 5] F. Borini
76' [0 - 6] J. Henderson



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